Computerized Universal Testing Machine to Check & plot damper springs performance and clutch performance
  • Load v/s deflection characteristics
  • Computerized universal testing machine to check & plot load
  • Characteristics of diapharagm spring
  • Fully Automatic Computerized performance Test Rig for Clutch Cover
  • Assembly to check load performance i.e. Clamp Load, Release Load
  • Pressure plate lift etc.
Fully Automic Computerized performance test rig for Clutch Plate
  • Fully Automatic Computerized performance test rig for Clutch Plate assembly to check torque against angular deflection
  • Drag test rig to check the release property of Clutch Plate
  • Static as well as dynamic finger actuation test rig for clutch cover assembly endurance
  • Torsional angular deflection test rig for clutch plate endurance
Cellular Layout
  • Assembly Line follows the lean manufacturing single flow principle having Capacity to produce 25000 Clutches per month
  • Use of controlled Presssure Press for manufacturing
  • Use of gang riveting for consistent dimensional accuracy
  • Covers are scragged for 50 strokes, before the performance parameters are checked
  • Performance parameters checked on computerized test equipment